Size of the State

Cover illustration for Exame magazine.
Exame is the most important business magazine in Brazil.
The cover article was about the biggest challenge of the next elected president of Brazil: the size of the state.
Final illustration.
The illustration took several iterations before the final, more neutral color scheme.
It began with a kind of depressing pallete, with a blue tone with redish shadows, but it wasn't the mood of the article, so they asked me for a red version, without the little man in the background.
After sending them the red, more opressive/agressive version, they changed the tone of the text again, and asked me to neutralize the overall mood.
First sketch, really depressing mood.
From depression to oppression, the overall mood become a lot more aggressive.
A more neutral, but not so much, pallete. This color scheme was kind of bad, so I'm glad they choose de total white background with desaturated ball-and-chain.

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