61 Dinos - infographic
61 dinosaur illustrations for a magazine infographic
Bicho - Marcelo Perdido
Cover art for Marcelo Perdido's Bicho.
Jon Snow - Game of Thrones
An illustration made for an special issue about Game of Thrones for Superinteressante Magazine.
One Thousand Fights
Fan art project in which the idea was to draw a character from any fighting game that I could remember and post it online twice a week. Here are the ones I like the most.
Middle East Conflicts - Superinteressante Magazine
Illustrations made for a special issue of the brazillian varieties magazine Superinteressante about conflicts in the middle east.
Illustration for Marcelo Perdido's album "Inverno".
Studies & Sketches 2015
Painting studies made in 2015.
Airplane Disappearances
Illustrations made for Mundo Estranho magazine.
Cover illustration for the first solo album of Marcelo Perdido
Studies & Sketches
Studies and sketches I make as practice or warm up.
Movies on limbo
Illustrations about movies on production limbo made for Mundo Estranho magazine.
Lição - single cover
Single cover for the musician Marcelo Perdido.
Paribar Menu
Menu cover illustration for Paribar, a traditional bar in São Paulo.
Runner Robot
Illustrations for and article about what a runner should eat when in training. Made for Runner's World Magazine.
Concept Sketches
Really quick character sketches for various mobile game projects. © all images belong to TFG mobile games.
Fairy Tales
Set of illustrations made for Aventuras na História magazine about the fairy tales collected by a german bureaucrat of the 19th century.
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