Pixel art project made for the music festival "Coala Festival 2017" here in São Paulo, Brazil. 
Every year they choose a unique visual style for the festival, and this year they chose to use a pixel art retro videogame style.
I've worked with them to make animations used in their social media accounts, public space advertising (tvs on trains, bus stops, etc.), stage screens, partners announcement, etc. 

Here are some animations used on the videos.
Coala in his underground lair.
Trailer opening, showing the "Coala" character.
Coala and the artists. This screen ended up unnused in the final video.
The DJs that performed in between shows.
A Stage Selection screen, for the venue.
From left to right: Caetano Veloso, Liniker e os Caramelows, Tulipa Ruiz, Emicida, Fióti e Rael, Rincon Sapiência and Aíla.
From left to right: Forró Red Light, DJ E.B., Uaná  System, DJ Tahira and Shaka
Line up reveal video.
Aftermovie. I've made the parody opening and some pixel art interventions over the video.
Jameson video that played on the stage screen in between shows.
Spotify video that played on the stage screen in between shows.

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