QUAD is a creator-owned comics project consisting of a collection of 4 short-stories in oldschool SCI-FI worlds, each written and drawn by a different author, such as Diego Sanches, Eduardo Ferigato, Eduardo Schaal and me. We've released it November, 2013.
We've done a crowd-funding campaign through Catarse and after pre-selling over 600 issues, we've printed a total 1500 books. You can buy a portuguese printed edition here:  and English digital editions for Kindle here: 
Cover art by Eduardo Schaal.
Also for the translated, digital editions in english, we've produced 4 new covers for the project!
You can purchase your copy right here: https://sellfy.com/quadcomics
Check out some of the concepts weve done for the project before drawing it:
Early concept design for ESP-Trent, lead character of my story
"The Chief"
Diego Sanches
Diego Sanches
"Vince Glam"
Diego Sanches
"The Chief's Hoverbike"
Diego Sanches
Check out some preview pages written, drawn, colored in grayscale and lettered by the QUAD crew (in portuguese):
Look forward to more QUAD in 2014! 
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Buy online at Monkix!
I hope you enjoyed it!

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